Northwest Bible Church is thankful to God for his sovereign care over us. We owe our existence to the good pleasure and grace of God since it is “in him we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28).

Northwest Bible Church was planted out of Parkers Lake Baptist Church. Our first service took place February 6, 2005. Pastor Brad Selley and 35 other members of PLBC were commissioned to plant the church. Pastor Selley served as the preaching pastor of NWBC for over three years.

June, 2010

Pastor Richard Glenny became the second preaching pastor at Northwest Bible Church. During his ministry the church began a transition to a leadership model that incorporated a plurality of elders.


December, 2011

Pastor Glenny was diagnosed with cancer and he went to be with the Lord, October 5, 2012. We are thankful to God for the demonstration of his grace to his church in the tender and faithful ministry of his shepherd, Richard Glenny.


May, 2012

David Williams began serving as the Family Life Pastor.


Spring, 2013

The church voted to accept the constitutional change that was initiated by Pastor Glenny. A few months later Mike Peterson and Don Callander both began serving as lay elders.


October, 2013

Aaron Browning was installed as the Pastor of Preaching and Vision. Later in the month, the church voted unanimously to purchase a five acre parcel of land in St. Michael as the future home of the church.