Next Steps


The story of Northwest Bible Church is an amazing sixteen year journey. It speaks loudly of God’s faithfulness. Like any journey, this one has been filled with good times and tough times, highs and lows. But throughout the chapters of Northwest, we have witnessed continued growth and impact. We are humbled and grateful that God has chosen to bless our church, and to use us in reaching the world. 

But we believe that this is only the beginning of our story as a church. As our church and community continues to grow, we must be prepared for this next chapter. We need to plant more churches, raise up and send more pastors, partner with others for the spread of the gospel, send missionaries to unreached people, and disciple our children to know and love Jesus. As you read through this booklet, we want you to catch the vision for all that God can do through us as a church. Included in these pages are highlights of the impact of our church, plans for next steps, and ways in which you and your family can participate. 

Our vision as a church hasn’t changed. In fact, it is that vision that compels us to take intentional steps to ensure the next chapter of Northwest Bible Church is even greater than its past. The Gospel of Jesus is GOOD NEWS to all, and we want to continue to be a church that does all that we can to lead people to a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We’re inviting you to open your heart and your mind. Allow God to inspire you and challenge you through His Word. Join us in anticipation of the future that God has for us. We want to take these Next Steps together as we follow Jesus. 



Primary Goal 

100% Engagement. We want 100% of those who call Northwest Bible Church home to join us on this journey. We believe God has amazing things in store for Northwest. He wants to do something big through us and in us. We want to do this as a family! 

Secondary Goal 

$1 million — we want to raise this money on top of our normal operating expenses. This number would allow us to significantly reduce our current debt so that we could take intentional steps towards completing our church facility. 

It’s time to move forward with God’s vision for Northwest Bible Church. When we started the building process 5 years ago having a completed church home seemed like a dream. Watching God provide has been incredible and we believe he will do it again. Over the next three years, we believe God will do a mighty work in us as a church — a work that will flow from us into our community, our country, and to the ends of the earth.



We are asking you to prayerfully consider a commitment to the Next Steps campaign. We hope your participation at Northwest, your prayer life, and your desire to be generous in order to advance the Kingdom will result in a commitment that is from God and requires a measure of faith.

We are Asking You to: 

PRAY – Prayerfully determine how God might be calling you to grow in your generosity to be part of our expanded investment to reach others for Christ. 

RESPOND – We invite you to listen to the Spirit’s prompting and joyfully follow his leading to give sacrificially. We want to respond together to God’s leading. 

REJOICE – God will graciously provide for us according to his will. In your small groups, community groups, with your family, and as a church family give thanks to God for how he has provided. 



Why are we trying raise $1,000,000?

We are raising this money so that we can pursue construction of phase 2 of our building project. While raising this money won’t entirely pay off all our current construction debt, it will give us the financial flexibility to finish the project. We are hopeful that this would give us the needed equity to fund the construction of phase 2 of the building.

Why are we intentionally talking about money and finances?

Any lasting work of God that honors Him requires joyful, strategic sacrifice on the part of God’s people. Therefore giving is a spiritual act of worship and a key discipline within the Christian life. On this very topic, throughout the scriptures we see how Jesus instructed the disciples and how Paul taught the churches. Therefore, as a church with the aim to be faithful to the scriptures, in pursuit of honoring God while seeing healthy Christ followers grow, we will continue to talk intentionally about that which is an essential part of the Christian life (i.e. how we view or handle our money, finances and giving). 

Do we have detailed plans of phase 2? What will be included in the project?

We do not have detailed plans of phase 2. The original drawings of phase 2 included a worship center, additional classrooms, and bathrooms. The elders are working with a team of ministry leaders to decide what else would need to be included in phase 2. A large space for our youth group is a need that we have already identified. Detailed plans for phase 2 will come as we move closer to construction. 

How much information do we have about the loan for the building costs of phase 2? Can we afford phase 2? 

At this point, we have only had cursory discussions with multiple banks. The final terms, interest rate, etc. would be brought before the church before borrowing from any bank. We want to strike the wise balance of pursuing the construction aggressively and carefully. We want to be aggressive because we have immediate ministry needs that need to be addressed and we are excited about the opportunities phase 2 would present. At the same time, we want to be careful that we do not want to take on financial debt that would limit our ability to do gospel ministry.

Will we need a third phase of construction?

Our hope is that we will be able to meet all our immediate ministry needs by finishing phase 2. We do not have any plans for further construction but there would be a place on the property for additional classrooms if they were ever needed.

Is it acceptable for a church to have debt?

We affirm what the Bible teaches about debt, including not being enslaved to it and counting the cost of it. The form of debt we currently have is best compared to a mortgage, whereby we will obtain a loan for a specific purpose. Acquiring debt during seasons of growth and expansion, is a tension we expect to continue and will need to manage for the next several years. We desire to accommodate a responsible, manageable level of debt, in order to leverage the incredible opportunity we have to reach more people while establishing a more permanent presence for the long-term. Of course, planned repayment is part of being responsible. 

Are there additional ways that I can give? 

Be creative as you explore ways you and your family can give. Don’t overlook stored assets that you own. Gifts of appreciated property (stocks, real estate, mutual funds, collectibles, etc) often make great gifts with significant tax advantages. Please consult with a professional advisor for advice regarding your particular circumstance. 

How does the Next Steps campaign effect our regular ministry budget? Should I reallocate my regular giving to the Next Steps campaign? 

To maintain our current ministries, we are asking that giving to the Next Steps campaign be money above and beyond your regular giving. We recognize that we are asking people to give intentionally and sacrificially to this project. 

When do we start giving to the campaign? 

On the commitment card you will be able to designate an initial gift in 2021. Regular giving for the campaign will start January 2022. 

Who will see my commitment card? 

Our Financial Secretary will be the only person to see the Commitment Cards.

When do I need turn in my commitment card? 

You can mail in your commitment card or place it in the giving box any time during the campaign. The deadline for receiving commitments is Commitment Sunday, November 14. We will gather Saturday, December 4 at our Christmas banquet to reveal and celebrate how God as provided. 


Next Steps Campain Brochure